The Main Functions and Importance of Cold-Air Intake System in a Vehicle


In order to get the utmost performance of the engine of any given vehicle, there are various factors to consider regarding the functions of some vehicle systems. The control of the intake of the fuel as well as air into the engine is very paramount to achieve the prospected engine performance. Furthermore, the quality of the fed fuel-air mixture into the engine determines much the output of the engine. The nature of air being fed into the engine also affects the yield of the energy. For instance, Cold air being fed into the engine is quite denser compared to hot air. Cold air usually offers more efficiency since the denser it is, the more it has a high concentration of the oxygen molecules per cubic centimeters; hence, making the engine experience a relatively more complete combustion of the fuel within the cylinders. There are many intake systems for the vehicles around the market nowadays. Some have a capacity to increase the engine horsepower. The modern cars have cold-air intake system comprising of the three parts which have their functions as described below.


The air filter is one of the parts that comprise the cold-air intake system. The basic function of the filter is to sieve the solid particles that come along with the air entering through the flap. Absolute clean air is required when combusting the fuel in the cylinders. Therefore, air filters eliminate even the smallest of the matters from the air entering the air intake system. In case there is inefficient filtration of air, it would bring a lot of problems such as blockage of the intake system, as well as the damage to the engine systems.  Get 2014 camaro car cover here!


After the filtration, the cold air proceeds to the air mass flow sensors. These sensors are designed to monitor the condition of the air entering the engine. The monitoring helps the vehicle system have an automatic adjustment to the formulation of the air-fuel mixture. The sensor contains a pair of hot wire through which the cold air passes. As the cold air passes, it cools down the wires generating a corresponding voltage that is conveyed to the ECU. Consequently, the computer adjusts the mixture of the air and fuel to be combusted in the cylinders. To read more about the benefits of auto parts, go to


Finally, the third part for the camaro air intake system is the throttle body. The throttle body usually regulates the amount of air-fuel mixture entering the combustion chambers. The amount of air-fuel by-passing the throttle body depends with the speed of the vehicle or the nature of the load of the vehicle. The magnitude of the force applied to the accelerator mostly determines the amount of the air-fuel mixture passing through the throttle body.

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